Grab a share of whatever is most abundant in the flower fields each week with this economic single
variety bouquet option

6 weeks: $99.95 


12 weeks: $165



Have our Morning Glory Farm flower team arrange the field’s bounty into beauty for your home.

6 weeks: $129 


12 weeks: $240


Elevate your table with the most gorgeous blooms Morning Glory Farm has to offer artfully arranged in a different keepsake vessel each week.

6 weeks: $420 


12 weeks: $720


Untitled-Artwork (5).jpg

You can sign up for one or many CSAs!

Morning Glory Farm

Address: 120 Meshacket Rd 

Edgartown, MA 02539

Phone: (508) 939 3202



Illustrations by Abbey Kuhe

Photos by Alison Shaw and Ryan Hassel