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Bread CSA Skip Week #2 (LAST)(Friday Pick up)

This is the last of the CSA "skip days" for the year! This extension would have been confirmed in the email you received on Sunday, October 16th at noon.

Reminder that you will pick up your CSA in the Farmstand from noon to 5:30pm (closing).

Please reach out to if you have any questions!

Loaf #1

Pain de Mie with Organic Grains

Half and Full Share

Ingredients: Flour, Whole wheat, Yeast, sourdough levain, Salt, honey, Butter

Bakery Treat

Tarte Bourdaloue/ Pear and Frangipane tart

Half and Full Share

Ingredients: Crust: almond flour, Flour, Butter, sugar, Salt

Frangipane creme: almond flour, Butter, sugar, lemon zest, Salt, Eggs

Poached pears: Bartlett pears, sugar, cranberries, lemon juice, Vanilla cardamom

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