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Bread CSA WEEK 16 (Extra Week 2 of 2 for Summer Share) (Tuesday Pick up)

Loaf #1

Graham Flour Sourdough

Half and Full Share

Ingredients: Graham flour, bread flour, levain, salt

Graham is a type of whole wheat flour invented by an interesting Massachusetts character named Sylvester Graham. He was a minister, temperance leader and big proponent of healthy eating. He endorsed this rustic, coarsely ground flour for its health benefits and flavor. It maintains all parts of the grain giving you all the benefits of a whole wheat flour.

Loaf #2

Date & Walnut Sourdough

Full Share Only

Ingredients: Whole wheat, bread flour, levain, salt, medjool dates(called the “fruit of kings!), toasted walnut

Bakery Treat

Einkorn Shortbreads

Half and Full Share

Ingredients: Flour, einkorn flour, butter, brown sugar, confectioners sugar, salt, bittersweet chocolate, pecan

Einkorn is the most ancient of the ancient grains. In fact, it’s known to be the oldest of foods to exist unchanged to this day. It’s not exactly gluten free, but it’s close! Enjoy!

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