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Cheese CSA WEEK 16 (Extra Week 2 of 2 for Summer Share)

Founded in 2013, Mystic Cheese Company combines Italian craftsmanship with sustainable innovation to transform singular milkings of farm-fresh Connecticut milk into superb cheeses. Owners Brian Civitello and Jason Sobocinski established Mystic Cheese with the intention of providing customers with a fun, unpretentious introduction to artisanal cheese. Bearing a playful narwhal logo, Mystic’s “Literary Dairy” line of cheeses consisting of Melville, Melinda Mae, and Twain has gained tremendous popularity across both New England and the nation.

Inspired by the titular character of Shel Silverstein’s poem, Melinda Mae is a young cheese, but full of flavor. Contained in a soft, bloomy rind, this cheese has a blubbery paste with notes of mushroom. Beneath the earthy, brothy layers lay a hint of lemon and leeks. Toasty notes of baked bread linger on the palate as the pudgy, luscious paste melts over the tongue. While not as funky as farmhouse Brie or Italian Robiola, Melinda Mae appeals to fans of both. A dollop of apricot jam or a drizzle of lemon curd make it easy to finish this cheese in one sitting, much like it's namesake. Pair with light white wine or champagne, and definitely jam.

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