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Cheese CSA WEEK 18

First established in 1913, Colston Bassett Dairy is a farming co-operative and the home of traditional Stilton and Shropshire Blue cheeses. First established in 1913, the dairy developed from the vision of Dr William Windley and presently continues to make cheese in the traditional way. Milk is sourced from local farms – all within 1.5 miles of the dairy in the Vale of Belvoir - the cheese is created using recipes that have been handed down the generations. For six out of the past seven years, Colston Bassett Stilton was named as one of the top three Best British Cheese Brands in the Guild of Fine Food’s prestigious ‘Best Brands’ survey.

The term ''Royal Blue'' must have come from the creation of Stilton. Invented by Elizabeth Scarbrow and first served in 1720 at the Bell Inn in Stilton, England, fame was not far behind. Made with pasteurized cows' milk, it is ripened 3-4 months under carefully controlled cool, humid conditions. Each bite is exceptionally buttery, crumbly, and fudgy in texture with a clean, mineral tang that you'll never forget. Traditionally served with Tawny Port or fresh pears.

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