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Cheese CSA WEEK 19

Jasper Hill is a working dairy farm with an on-site creamery in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. An underground aging facility maximizes the potential of cheeses made by the creamery, as well as those made by other local producers. Leftover whey from the cheesemaking process is fed to heritage breed pigs, roaming the woodlands beyond the cows' pasture. Jasper Hill's mission is to make the highest possible quality products in a way that supports Vermont's working landscape. Driven to be the standard bearer of quality and innovation in the artisan cheese industry while promoting their regional “taste of place,” Jasper Hill has won numerous awards for their cheeses.

Willoughby is a succulent, buttery washed-rind cheese that is equal parts pudgy and delightful. Originally created by Ploughgate Creamery, the cheese ceased production after a creamery fire. However, with the blessing of its original creator, Willoughby was brought back through Jasper Hill and the recipe continued to develop. The result? A strong and complex front for the subtle milky, herbal, ripe-peach flavors within. A thin rind adds earthy dimension and flavors the gooey interior. Pair with juicy rosé, funky saison beer, or raw floral honey.

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