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Cheese Share WEEK 11 (WEEK 7 Summer Share)

The oldest cheese to grace Morning Glory’s shelves, Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar is an award-winning blend of science and art. Made in Quebec and cured in Lancaster County, PA, the 7-Year Cheddar is “heat treated,” which creates the acidic flavor associated with sharp cheese. Low moisture allows the long aging process to create a distinctively robust flavor, giving this cheddar a full-bodied taste with pleasing notes of fruit and caramel. Use this artisanal-quality cheese to build a five-star charcuterie board along with grilled baguette, gourmet sausage, marcona almonds, tart apples, and whole grain mustard. To complement and harmonize the flavors, serve with a stout beer. Or, use this cheese to give a tasty zing to grilled cheeses or turkey, tomato, and avocado paninis.

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