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Cheese Share WEEK 14 (WEEK 10 Summer Share)

Often likened to the king of Italian cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Piave is a deliciously nutty cheese from the Veneto in northern Italy. A hard cheese aged 180 to 360 days, Piave is made from the milk of cows grazing the extremely fertile Piave River Valley. The cheese’s intense straw-yellow color complemented by a fruity flavor makes it unique, and the DOP label guarantees that by European law, the cheese is made in the original region of production with traditional methods. It has a concentrated sweet, crystalline paste with a full, tropical fruit flavor and slight almond bitterness, making it a wonderful as a table cheese. Like Parmigiano, Piave has an affinity for both red and white wine, but is smoother and easier to eat right from the wheel. Another ideal pairing is an amber ale.

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