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Friday (2/25/22)

Loaf #1

Winter Sourdough

Half and Full Share

Ingredients: Flour, whole wheat, spelt flour, buckwheat flour, levain, salt

A word from the bakery

Made from toasted, cold harvest Maine grains buckwheat, a high protein spelt flour and a whole grain wheat. For all the fans of winter out there and all those who love to hate.

Loaf #2

Leek, Bleu Cheese & Walnut Sourdough

Full Share Only

Ingredients: Flour, whole wheat, rye, levain, salty, leek, bleu cheese, walnut]

A word from the bakery This combination of flavors inspired passersby to poke their head in the bakery and ask “what is in the oven? It smells amazing!” We replied “sorry, for CSA full share only”. We try to keep this deal sweet by giving you breads outside of our normal rotation and that take advantage of farm fresh ingredients. We hope you enjoy!

Bakery Treat

Mini Cream Puffs

Half and Full Share

Ingredients: Flour, sugar, butter, egg, milk, heavy cream, vanilla paste, salt

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