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WEEK 1 Bread CSA (Tuesday Pick up)

Loaf #1

French Onion Loaf

Half and Full Share

Loaf #2

Meshacket Miche

Full Share Only

A word from the bakery This hearty loaf is named after the road in which our bakery lies. A Miche is categorized as a large round loaf of sourdough country bread made of several different flours.

There’s a rich history in the Miche loaf and was the go to bread of the village bakers of France before the turn of the century. Before instant yeast there was the Miche. It was large enough to feed a family for a week and could easily incorporate whatever grains were available at the time. Communal brick ovens were typical in French villages, allowing home makers to fire off loaves for their families. In fact, lineages had their individual scores on their bread to distinguish their loaves from the others who were sharing the oven.

Bakery Treat

Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Half and Full Share

Back by popular demand! We are also going to start offering a gluten free version of this cookie which is made with all buckwheat flour. This cookie features another ancient grain called kamut flour that some people with gluten sensitivities find to be easier to digest than all purpose flour.

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