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WEEK 1 Cheese Share (Full Season Share)


El Trigal Manchego is named for the Spanish region of La Mancha, home of Don Quixote. The traditional use of grass molds leaves a distinctive, characteristic zigzag pattern on the Manchego cheese. With a firm texture that imparts a rich, nutty character, this cheese finishes with a slight peppery note. After twelve months of aging, Manchego pairs particularly well with cured meats, quince paste, fig spread, or drizzled with honey. Ideal beverage accompaniments for this cheese are pilsners and light-bodied red wines.

Want to add to your pickup?

Cheese CSA Add ons are still available! Add to one of your pickups or add a summer share to receive cheese in your share from July-end of August

Already have a cheese share? Maybe add flowers, bread or veggies to your pick up!

What else?

The Online CSA community allows you a direct contact with us as well as other CSA members. You can review other shares contents, easily find past weeks and share with other CSA members.

The members pages include

  • Shared Album - You can post and share your CSA photos with other members. This allows for easy communication and inspiration of what to do with your share.

  • Farm Recipes - A collection of our favorite recipes that can be used to inspire when unsure what to make with your share

  • What's in My CSA blog - Review the categories to see all CSA contents each week

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