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WEEK 4 Cheese Share (Full Season Share)


Founded in 1997, Mermaid Farm & Dairy is a 35 acre farm run by Allen Healy and Caitlin Jones and family. Mermaid Farm’s Jersey Cows produce milk with more fat content, yielding a distinctly natural and creamy product. While their lassis (yogurt-based drinks that come in three flavors) are a massive hit on the Island, the farm’s hard and soft cheeses are also showstoppers. Whether sampling the soft-ripened King’s Highway or the cave-aged Nobska, customers will be able to taste the glorious result of cows grazing happily in the lush setting of Chilmark.

A classic farmer’s cheese, Tiasquam Tomme boasts farmstead status, meaning that it is produced with only milk from Mermaid Farm. Tiasquam Tomme’s beige rind emits a musty aroma, giving way to a smooth paste with a rich, buttery flavor and creamy mouthfeel. But like a fine wine, the richness is balanced by an herbaceous acidity, as well as a grassy, tang finish. Try a piece with dried fruit and some figs.

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